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Garden @ Striar Hebrew Academy


Who Grew My Soup?

January 11, 2017
By The Gardeners

We started by watching a short video “Who grew my soup?” which is the story and adventures of Phineas Quinn and his questions about the vegetable soup his mom serves for lunch. We delved further into where our food comes from, exploring the native origins of vegetables and fruits, and how that contrasts to where we often source them from today. This led to a mini-geography lesson as we looked at atlases of the different continents.

Further, we explored ideas of seasonality, and what is in season during different New England seasons, and learned about the USDA Hardiness Zones. This geographically defined area offers guidelines for which types of plants are capable of growing there. We are in zone 6, which has a minimum temperature of -23 C/ -9F.

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