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Building community and bettering the future, one child at a time
  Name Title Group Contact
Esther Baker Baker, Esther Teacher Assistant N-PK
Mayan Baram Baram, Mayan Teacher Assistant 2-3, 4-5
Suellen Beiser Beiser, Suellen Teacher N-PK
Randy Bergel Bergel, Randy Director of Admissions and Marketing
Dave Cook Cook, Dave PE Director 781-344-0200
Arye Damti Damti, Arye Teacher
Hila Damti Damti, Hila Teacher
Mario DeBarros DeBarros, Mario Custodian
Anne Diamond Diamond, Anne Teacher N-PK
Pam Dressler Dressler, Pam Teacher N-PK
Robin Ekpunobi Ekpunobi, Robin Teacher Assistant
Debbie Ellenbogen Ellenbogen, Debbie Teacher K-1
Batya Foreman Foreman, Batya Director of Educational Resource and Student Support
Julie Galler Galler, Julie Interim Executive Director
Elah Grandel Grandel, Elah Music Teacher
Margie Klayman Klayman, Margie Teacher 2-3, 4-5
Susan Lagos Lagos, Susan Business Manager
Michal Malkiel Malkiel, Michal
Nicole McGhee McGhee, Nicole Administrative Assistant
Jeanmarie Patriacca Patriacca, Jeanmarie Administrative Assistant
Sharon Piran Piran, Sharon Study Hall Staff
Ulli Rapp Rapp, Ulli Teacher Assistant N-PK
Leslee Rotman Rotman, Leslee Teacher K-1
Dina Saks Saks, Dina Director of Teaching and Learning
Tsila Sloane Sloane, Tsila Teacher Assistant N-PK
Yael Sostiel Sostiel, Yael Hebrew Teacher
Caren Swerdlick Swerdlick, Caren Teacher 2-3, 4-5
Noam Werthaim Werthaim, Noam
Sara Wolosow Wolosow, Sara Teacher 2-3, 4-5