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Grade N-PK



March 9, 2018

The Adar Spirit Continues…

Purim may be over, but we are still in the Adar spirit in N/PK.  We had a blast at last Friday’s Purim carnival. Thank you to everyone for making the carnival so much fun!

Some of our favorite Purim activities and memories:

Alma: “I didn’t like the noise and so I just went home.”

Avi: “I delivered shalach manot to people and people brought to my house too.”

Benny M. “I dressed up as a Ninja.”

Benny S.: “I ate a hamentashen. I gave candy to people.”

Eshel: “On Purim I went to someone’s house to eat a meal. Ezra was there too.”

Golan: “I went to Shul and there was a big crowd. We made a lot noise and laughed when the Rabbi put the sign up.  I also gave out goodies.”

Itai: “I liked being a Ninja Turtle all day.”

Jonah: “I ate 10 candies, I had gum in my mouth for the Megilla reading.”

Julia: “I brought mishloach manot to friends’ houses.”

Lilly: “My sister dressed-up as Queen Esther.”

Meital: “I sat with my dad in Shul and watched the Rabbi hold signs.”

Mia: “I heard the megillah at home. I also went to a magic show with a rabbit and did a lot of running around.”

Natan: “I did a lot of silly things when I was playing. I laughed all day!”

Noa: “I heard a little bit of the Megillah and I played with Yardena.”

Olivia: “I went to Grandma’s house.”

Shai: “My Dad used my project grogger and I used a toy one. I stopped on red.”

Shifra: “I went to Temima’s house to play. I also went to the Goldfeder’s house and there was singing.”

Shulamit: “I went to hear the Megillah and I saw Golan there. He was batman too.”

Sonny: “We listened to the megillah – half way. I didn’t like the noise. Then we went to Bubbie’s house and ate mac and cheese for dinner. It was so fun!”

Temima: “I like eating hamentashen and grape-juice and wine.”

Uriel: “I went to a fun place – launch. I went to a Purim seudah and Alma was there.”

We are so fortunate to have so many fun memories from Purim 5778!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


February 16, 2018

מִשֶּׁנִּכְנַס אַדָּר מַרְבִּים בְּשִׂמְחָה

Mishenichnas Adar marbim b'simcha

With Rosh Chodesh Adar comes an added level of simcha and joy – and in N/PK that means lots of added fun and excitement!  This week, we were busy preparing for Purim.  We made beautiful sponge art prints of groggers and ra’ashanim, clowns and crowns, and we had fun using our regal purple play-dough.

We read the book “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stohl Walsh and decided to do our own color experiments, mixing paints and crayons to create extraordinary pictures.  We also tried our hands at making rainbow-colored rice for our sensory bins. We had so much fun painting the rice and mixing the colors – and exploring the feel and texture of the rice!  We also got messy with creating our own personalized masks using our feet and our hands as templates – we can’t wait to bring them home to show you.

You can hear the excitement building as we sing and dance to some of our favorite Purim songs!

We hope you have a very joyous vacation!

Don’t forget to wear your silly hats and your pajamas Monday and Tuesday after vacation!

Shabbat Shalom!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

February 9, 2018

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Thank you to everyone for bringing in a special stuffed animal to school this week.  The children were so excited to take care of their pets and to share them with their friends.  They had picnics together, read books and built homes and habitats for the different types of animals.  


Can you guess all the different types of stuffed animals we had in our class?  We made a huge chart to show how many bears and lions, tigers and giraffes we had in school.  We used small animal counters to play some math counting games using dice and number cards.  

Susan, from Moose Hill, had us walking around following the paw prints of different animals and tracking them.  After moving our bodies like different animals, we made our own trees to go home and read the alphabet letter book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin Jr.

We had a lot of fun with ice-cream this week! We made our own dairy placemats practicing our scissor skills and decorating blue placemats to take home.  We also used our counting skills to count out the number of sprinkles to go on each ice-cream cone.

Wacky Wednesday brought both Wacky Mac Lunch and some wacky weather.  It also had us doing some wonderful weaving to create another placemat we can use when eating meat.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


February 2, 2018

Tu B’Shevat Hegiya

It’s the birthday of the trees and we are celebrating in N/PK with crowns and special snacks. Although there is snow on the ground, we were able to plant with Gali and Aviya in our own decorated pots. We have also been learning about the trees that grow in Israel as part of our on-going study of the 7 species. This week we have been focusing on the date palm tree and the pomegranate tree, creating huge 3-dimensional renditions! We have also been reading books and learning special songs and poems for Tu B’shevat.



Some of our favorite Tu B’shevat songs are “Plant a Tree for Tu B’Shevat” by Debbie Friedman and “Tu Tu Tu B’Shevat by Carol Boyd Leon and of course,

השקדיה פורחת! If you are looking for something fun to do at home, you can check out YouTube to listen to these songs.


In addition to decorating our crowns, this week we used all of our fine motor skills to create magnificent images of us at Har Sinai! On Monday, we finger-painted to produce the backdrop for our pictures. On Wednesday, everyone practiced their cutting skills and cut out their own versions of Har Sinai – surrounding their mountains with grass and flowers. Finally, each child drew themselves receiving the Torah and Luchot.



Shabbat Shalom!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


January 19, 2018  

Staying Warm in Winter

Nothing is better on a cold day than sitting and reading a book together! This week, we have been reading lots of winter books about hibernating animals and making our own animal puppets. Can you tell which animals have their eyes closed and are sleeping? Some of our favorite books we read this week are: “It’s Winter!” by Linda Glaser and “A Bed for Winter” by Karen Wallace.

We brought Parashah to life this week when we dressed-up like Moshe and Miriam. We even tried our hands at building our own pyramids using “bricks” and Wedgits.



We love to build, but it’s hard to imagine B’nei Yisrael having to make their own bricks out of mud and straw. We tried building with lots of different materials this week - blocks, Magna-tiles and play-dough to name a few. We even tried making our own “moon sand” to see if it was more pliable than regular sand.


We continued to learn about the 10 Plagues מכוֹת - turning the lights out to make חֹשֶךְ darkness. And we even tried making our own icy-hot בָּרָד hail for Shabbat party. Ask your child if they thought it was something they enjoyed as a tasty treat- or not!

Shabbat Shalom!

!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


January 12, 2018

Snow and Ice (and Rain)

Last week’s snowfall left our playground covered in snow. We had so much fun exploring outside! And, we are getting a lot of practice putting on all of our snow gear – and taking it off! Thank you to everyone for sending in extra pants and socks, the children are also becoming experts in changing out of their wet clothes and putting on dry clothing.

We were so enamored with the snow outside, that we decided to bring the snow and ice inside. We built ice castles in pairs using kosher salt to help bind the ice together. We challenged ourselves to build quickly before our fingers got too cold! We also made our own “snow” by mixing cornstarch and shaving cream. Some of the children were even able to make a snowball out of the mixture (and this time our hands didn’t get too cold!)

We had frogs leaping everywhere as we began to learn about Paroh and Moshe. Last week, we met the “new Paroh” who didn’t know about Yosef and who made B’nei Yisrael into slaves. This week, we learned 7 of the 10 plagues and we even tried turning water into blood.



January 5, 2018

Welcome winter and welcome back to N/PK! We are so excited to also welcome a new friend to our class, Shulamit Shain whose family just moved to Sharon!


It was wonderful being back in school and hearing highlights from our vacations:

Alma: “We went to camp and we played inside - and Dahlia was there too.”
Avi: "I played outside in the snow with my sister and I had hot chocolate when I came in."
Benny M. "I played games with my brother."
Benny S. "I went to my grandma's house and then I went to a pool."
Dahlia: "I went to the Y."
Eshel: "I went on an airplane to Toronto to my Bubby and Zayde's and saw my cousins."
Ezra: "I played Candyland with my Abba."
Golan: "I played in the snow with my baby sister."
Itai: "I go to my Nany and Poppy's and I sleep and stayed there for a bunch of days."
Jonah: "I played with a sled at my neighbor's."

Julia: “I went on an airplane to Israel.”
Lilly: "I played with Momma and Oma and my baby."
Meital: “We all had vacation and we all went to the hotel.”
Mia: "I saw sharks at the Bahamas in a big tank and I saw a star fish too."
Natan: "When I went to Columbus, Ohio Ari and Jesse were there and Eliana played with Adina in the basement."
Naveh: "I was in a hotel and there was a teapot and sugar and everything."
Noa: “I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.”
Olivia: "I went to my Grandma's house and I slept over!"
Shai: "I slept and played and cuddled-up with my Mama."
Shifra: "I went to a museum and I saw spiders and bones and mummies."
Shulamit: “We moved to Sharon from Boston. We put everything in the car.”
Sonny: "When I was on vacation I went to my Grandma's house and my Grandma lives in NY and there's a lot of traffic in NY."
Temima: "I played Candyland and I had real candy."
Uriel: "I had a movie night with my Ema, Abba and brother."

Shabbat Shalom!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


December 22, 2017

Great Miracles Happen Here!

Our goal is to extend the light and learning of Channukah throughout our year in N/PK by developing skills in math and science, as well as music, movement, cognitive, fine motor, speech and language – all in a community based in Torah values and middot. With so many goals, our classroom has been filled with activities. As you scroll through the pictures with your child, you can see some of these skills at play.

Working together, the children were able to design their own channukiot and dreidels, using a variety of different materials – including making edible dreidels!  We have been busy counting candles and dreidels, sorting by color and number.  In the afternoons, we have been experimenting with different types of spinners – not just dreidels – and making our own spinning creations. 

On Monday, the children shone as they sang their Channukah songs and lit the candles for the school. 

  What do you like about Channukah?

  • Naveh: “I like eating the chocolate gelt.”
  • Avi: “I like spinning dreidels with chocolate coins.”
  • Shifra: “Lighting the candles all by myself.”
  • Noa: “Eating donuts.”
  • Sonny: “Lighting!”
  • Lilly: ‘My cousins came to my house.”
  • Julia: “Eating latkes.”
  • Itai: “Lighting candles and getting presents.”
  • Dahlia: “Lighting my menorah.”
  • Jonah: “I like presents.”
  • Ezra: “I like the dreidels.”
  • Shai: “I like going to Bubbie and Tatty’s house.”
  • Benny M.: “Lighting the Channukah candles.”
  • Alma: “Eating latkes.”
  • Natan: “That you get sufganiot and latkes!”
  • Eshel: “Getting presents at a party.”
  • Olivia: “Lighting the candles.”
  • Uri: “Eating gelt and spinning dreidels.”
  • Temima: “Bobba came to my house and made donuts.”
  • Benny S.: “Spinning dreidels.”
  • Meital: “Getting presents – something cool.”
  • Mia: “I love to spin dreidels. I have a golden dreidel.”
  • Golan: “Going to Israel and seeing my family.”

עַל הַנִּסִּים, וְעַל הַפֻּרְקָן, וְעַל הַגְּבוּרוֹת, וְעַל הַתְּשׁוּעוֹת, וְעַל הַמִּלְחָמוֹת, שֶׁעָשִֽׂיתָ לַאֲבוֹתֵֽינוּ בַּיָּמִים הָהֵם בַּזְּמַן הַזֶּה.

We are thankful for the miracles and wonders, successes and victories in those days and today!

Have a wonderful vacation! See you in 2018!

Shabbat Shalom!שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם


December 15, 2017

A Peek Through Our Channukah Windows

The excitement has been building – and Channukah is finally here! The children were eager to talk about lighting Channukah candles at home – and whether their parents and siblings used candles or olive oil to light their channukiot. At school, we have been learning about oil and candles too. We reviewed how bees produce wax as well as honey, and explored how to make olive oil from olives. We made our own oil pots using model magic and our pincer grips, as well as forming colorful candles out of beeswax which we can use as a shamash, the helper candle at home. We also painted huge candles to decorate our classroom channukiah while practicing singing the special Brachot.

We have learned so many new songs for Channukah. On Monday, December 18th we will have the opportunity to sing some of our new songs and make the Brachot at the whole school candle lighting at 2:45pm. Feel free to join us if you are able!

Our Channukah lights continue to shine through!

We can’t help but get our hands dirty while we learn!

Of course, Channukah wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened this week – it was also the first snow fall of the season and we had a great time playing outside! Before we could get outside though, we needed a little tutorial on how to put on (and then take off) all of our snow things. (Hopefully, we’ll have many more opportunities to practice this year!)

The children did a great job becoming more independent in putting their snow things on and off!

Here are some of the reasons we like to go outside each day.

Jonah: “I like to play in the snow.”

Mia: “I like to go down the slide.”

Avi: “On the structure, I went on the snow and then I went on the slide.”

Natan: “I like to take ice and break it and make it into collections.”

Shifra: “I like to play in the snow.”

Benny S.: “I like to play in the snow.”

Benny M. “I like to play snowball fights.”

Olivia: “I like snowball fights and to play in the snow.”

Itai: “I like snow fights and to play Mom and Dad in the snow.”

Alma: “I like to play snow ball fights with my sister.”

Shai: “I like to play in the snow.”

Sonny: “I like to play in the snow something cool.”

Meital: “I like to play on the slide.”

Ezra: “I like to play snow dino.”

Temima: “I like to play with Dahlia in the snow.”

Noa: “I like to play with Mia and Olivia in the snow.”

Naveh: “I like to play outside.”

Uri: “I like to slide down the slide.”

Dahlia: “I like to make snow angels.”

Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


Happy Channukah!

חג אורים שמח!


December 8, 2017 ב''ה

Channukah Preparations are Underway in N/PK

Our classroom is bursting with a vast array of channukiot – some of which need olive oil and others, candles. We have been reading books about Channukah and learning the story of the Maccabees and their victory over the Assyrians, as well as the miracle of the olive oil which lasted for 8 days.

With Channukah fast approaching, we have begun learning about olives and olive trees in Eretz Yisrael. Throughout the year, we have been highlighting the 7 species that grow in Israel, the shivat haminim. Our classroom is decorated with pomegranates, grapes and now olives – figs, dates, barley and wheat are still to come. Come check out our handy-work (or should we say fancy foot work since we painted with our feet and hands to create our magnificent bulletin board!)

In addition, the children have been busy creating their own channukiot. Sanding the bases of their unique channukiah before gluing on colored tissue paper. Each child used 2 colors of model magic to form their candle holders, and decorated popsicle sticks for the candles (with 23 children in the class, that’s a lot of popsicle sticks and model magic!)

We put our math skills to use as we counted out candles for each night of Channukah - counting out 8 candles and forming 8 holders – plus adding one for the shamash was excellent practice for us.

We can’t wait to light the first candle!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!

Morah Tova, Morah Channah, Morah Ulli,

Morah Pam, Morah Eti, Morah Tsila



December 1, 2017


We’ve collected some wonderful Thanksgiving memories from your children! Here are some of the highlights:

Alma: “I went to Saba and Savta’s house. Savta made a turkey. It was big. It tasted good. For dessert I had banana cake with chocolate chips and apple pie.”

Avi: “I played games in groups in Shul.”

Benny M. “My mom took me to a meeting. I played there. My dad went to work. I ate marshmallows at Bubbie’s house and I also had marshmallow’s at Savta’s house.”

Benny S.: “I learned the alef-bet with Abba.”

Dahlia: “I played with Avi, Benji, Tal and Sammy.”

Eshel: “I went to Ashley’s house and played with toys.”

Ezra: “I played with my toys. I went to baby Noa’s house on Thanksgiivng for dinner. I ate fruit and nuts.”

Golan: “I went to friends’ houses to play. I had a sleepover at someone’s house. We went in the car for a long time and I fell asleep.”

Itai: “My dad made turkey and turkey legs. It tasted good.”

Jonah: “My jello touched some of my food. I don’t like that. It made the food bad. I went to play with the remote-control robot. I was at Eli’s house, Nana and Papa were there too.”

Julia: “I ate turkey. My Saba cut it. It was good. I also had pie at Simmie’s house.”

Lilly: “I ate bread on Thanksgiving. There were lots of friends at my house.”

Meital: “I went to the gym. There were other kids. I went to Michelle’s house and played with Eli and my sister.”

Mia: “I went to Yaya’s house. We saw the lights go on and had hot-cocoa and popcorn. It was good. Andrew and Yona and me. It was really fun. We had a sleepover at Yaya’s. Sofia had to stay home.”

Natan: “I had challah and grape juice. Riva and Ashie and Abby and Ben came to my house. Tali also came and slept there. Abby slept in my room. She liked my new room. I went to Shul. I went to groups. We made a fire and roasted marshmallows. I like mine burnt.”

Naveh: “I saw dinosaur prints. It was a long trip. I saw my cousins.”

Noa: “I played with my mom. I ate chicken. Akiva ate carrots.”

Olivia: “I went to my Grandma’s house. I ate turkey. It was good. I also had stuffing and squash.”

Shai: “I went to Grandpa’s house in Florida. My Grandma Paulette lives where it is hot. I went on an airplane, but I took my car to the airplane.”

Shifra: “I went in the car for a long ride to Grandma’s house. She had a candle on the table. She made turkey.”

Sonny: “We went to CVS. Mommy, Daddy, Sadie and I were in the car. We were so happy it was open on Thanksgiving. It is a really fun place to go because it has special aisles with toys and medicine.”

Temima: “I went to New York. I saw big balloons – one was Olaf.”

Uriel: “On Thanksgiving I had turkey at my Grandma and Papa’s house. There was a highchair there for my baby. The turkey was yummy. I also had a treat of gummy sticks and worms. I played with the pillows and made a trash can.”


Image result for smiley face emoji

We have had another wonderful week together in N/PK!

We have been busy building and creating using blocks, Legos, magnets, pegs and more. We have worked independently and in small groups to create masterpieces in all shapes and sizes.



We have been reading books and meeting silly characters like “Mrs. Wishy-Washy” and working on writing and decorating the letter “W” using bingo markers and playdough. We even experimented drawing our straight lines in shaving cream with Morah Marcie. We are enjoying learning all about Mrs. Wishy-Washy and trying to “read” her expressions to see if she is happy or sad and then creating our own feelings emoji.


In addition to bringing fictional characters to life, our N/PK class loves to bring meaning to the Parashah each week. Over the last few weeks, we have studied different aspects of Yaakov’s life – from buying the birthright for a bowl of red, red soup to marrying Leah and Rachel.



This week, we learned how Yaakov’s name was changed to Yisrael, and how we are called B’nei Yisrael, the children of Israel, because we are one family. The children decorated name cards and picked out foam letters to “write” out their names.



Our busy week also included an introduction to Channukah – with much more to come in the next few weeks! Until then, wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


November 17, 2017

The Chesed All Around Us!

Everyday, we see examples of kindness and caring in our school! Children can be heard asking their friends: “Can I play with you?” and asking, “Can I have a turn with the toy when you’re done?” - talking and sharing in ways that strengthen our school community. We learn from this week’s Parashah, Chayei Sarah, about Rivka’s kindness and generosity, and we try to model and emulate these middot, characteristics as well.



Our N/PK class has been following in Rivka’s footsteps, designing wells for our new animal puppets and offering to bring them pitchers of water to drink. We even brought our puppets to Ma’agal and said שְׁמַע “shema” with them during Tefillah!

Being part of the SHAS community, means being able to participate in many different learning opportunities. Last week, we were able to help the 2-3 class with their product research. Second and third graders came to the Mercaz to do a marketing experiment using 3 different colored bottles and asking our students which colored liquid they would want to drink. Do you have a preference for strawberry orange juice - A, B, or C?



We were then able to host our 2-3 friends and family for a Shabbat picnic in our class! We love being part of a larger school community!



Shabbat Shalomשַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!



November 10, 2017

The Chesed All Around Us!

Every day, we see examples of kindness and caring in our school! Children can be heard asking their friends: “Can I play with you?” and asking, “Can I have a turn with the toy when you’re done?” - talking and sharing in ways that strengthen our school community. We learn from this week’s Parashah, Chayei Sarah, about Rivka’s kindness and generosity, and we try to model and emulate these middot, characteristics as well.


Our N/PK class has been following in Rivka’s footsteps, designing wells for our new animal puppets and offering to bring them pitchers of water to drink. We even brought our puppets to Ma’agal and said שְׁמַע “shema” with them during Tefillah!

Being part of the SHAS community, means being able to participate in many different learning opportunities. Last week, we were able to help the 2-3 class with their product research. Second and third graders came to the Mercaz to do a marketing experiment using 3 different colored bottles and asking our students which colored liquid they would want to drink. Do you have a preference for strawberry orange juice - A, B, or C?



We were then able to host our 2-3 friends and family for a Shabbat picnic in our class! We love being part of a larger school community!



Shabbat Shalomשַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


November 3, 2017 ב''ה

Fall is in the Air

With leaves falling all around us, we have transformed our classroom into a montage of fall foliage. The children have made leaf designs and patterns, as well as leaf rubbings and leaf printing. Of course, the children are most excited by experiencing the leaves first hand while playing in and around our playground!

The children had a blast painting on the wall and at the easel! We asked Morah Marcie, OT Gateways, why she recommends working on a vertical surface and this is what she said: “The basic idea behind using the vertical is that shoulder muscles are strengthened and the wrist is out in an optimal position for finger movement. Core muscles are engaged as well. Midline crossing is encouraged as is bilateral integration - developing a stabilizer and a skill hand.” For more information about the benefits of working on a vertical surface, check out our finished mural hanging in the main building.

Music is another way to integrate the autumn air into our class. Listening and dancing to classical music, i.e., Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” increases our listening skills as well as our music appreciation. The children were excited to use the rhythm sticks, following Morah Elah as she conducts us, listening to the echoes in the music.


We especially love using the parachute with our imaginary leaves soaring in the air!



Another highlight from the week was having the 2nd and 3rd graders as our guests! We welcomed them just like Avraham and Sarah welcomed guests into their אוֹהֶל

Ohel, tent – giving them food to eat (but we didn’t “wash their feet!”)

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!


שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!



October 27, 2017

Our Journey is just beginning…

Whether it is by plane, train, or automobile, the N/PK students are always on the move - and eager to learn! With Parshat Lech Lecha as our inspiration, we began a short unit on different modes of transportation. We were busy sorting, matching and graphing buses, boats, and helicopters. And, we were able to sing some of our favorite transportation songs in Hebrew and English (Hinei Rakevet היני רכבת and the “Wheels on the Bus”.)

The children were excited to use the scooters with Morah Marcie – a new form of transportation! In addition to strengthening our gross motor skills using the scooters, the children were very focused and determined to finish their car lacing projects, strengthening their fine motor skills and concentration. After painting with cars and coloring with oil pastels, the children added Tefillat HaDerech, a prayer for a safe journey to their projects.

We were so excited to be able to walk to Hammershop Pond on Tuesday and see the beautiful fall foliage.

We collected leaves and other samples to observe in our class. We saved some leaves to create our own “Leaf Man” based on the book by Lois Ehlert by that name. The children are eager to replicate some of the spectacular colors of leaves and trees in our class, and we are slowly turning our classroom into an assortment of fall experiments and projects.

More, as our journey continues next week!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!

Shabbat Shalom!


October 20, 2017                                       ב''ה


A Colorful Array in N/PK


Everyone came back reinvigorated from the Chaggim and eager to share stories of being with cousins, dancing with the Torah, eating in Sukkot, and playing at the Potoks!  We made our own edible Simchat Torah flags out of graham crackers and pretzel rods, and we have been busy investigating the beautiful variety of etrogim that the children brought in - thank you!

In addition to sorting and counting the etrogim, we are taking a closer look at the green leaves of the Hadassim and Aravot, and comparing them to some of our local maple and oak leaves which we found on our playground. 


In some ways, this week feels like the real “beginning” of school, with our focus on Parshat B’reisheet and all of HaShem’s creations.  The children worked on creating their own world by cutting and gluing blue and green papers. 

We continued to practice our scissor skills by cutting animal prints to glue on to a large Teyvah/ark.  Cheetahs, penguins, pumas and ducks were some of the animals that made it onto Noach’s Teyvah, and the children wanted to make sure all the animals made it onto their mini-Teyvah.

Messy finger painting, giant floor puzzles, and quiet reading were just some of the special activities this week!

Rainbow finger painting was just the beginning of our unit on color and light.  We used tweezers and magnets to build colorful designs out of blocks, bears and elephants.  We sorted and counted an array of colorful pom poms, as well as continuing our math unit on weights and measures.

In the afternoons, we experimented with light and color, creating our own rainbows with prisms.  And, who could forget our spectacular rainbow volcano experiment! (Ask your child what happened when we combined baking soda and vinegar – puff!)


Wishing you a colorful Shabbat!


שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


Shabbat Shalom!


October 11, 2017                                        ב''ה


חַג שָׂמֵחַ­

Chag Sameach!


Wow! What a busy time of year, celebrating the Chaggim both in school and out! We have been busy learning about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, and even an introduction to Parshat B’reisheet and the shivat haminim.  The children are excited to learn about different sukkot, and to eat in our newly constructed SHAS/YI sukkah.  When asked about their favorite thing to do on Sukkot, many children answered: “being in the sukkah”, “eating in the sukkah”, “shaking the lulav” and “sleeping in the sukkah!” 

The past few weeks have been busy preparing for all the Chaggim.  We collected leaves and branches to build miniature sukkot – complete with decorations of hanging glittery apples!  We “planted” an orchard of sparkly pomegranate trees for our bulletin board in our Merkaz, and put together a new bulletin board design for the other building (come check it out!)

Everyone is very excited to dance with their Torahs on Simchat Torah and to wear their special Torah crowns – complete with a rimon, pomegranate crown – linking us and tying us to our roots in Torah, Mitzvot and Eretz Yisrael.

We have been having so much fun planning and creating wonderful memories to share!

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!



September 29, 2017                                              ב''ה


New Year, New Beginnings


It was great hearing your children describe some of their Rosh Hashana highlights! 


Alma: “I had carrot soup.”

Avi: “I dipped the apple in the honey. I wore a new shirt. I went to Shul.”

Benny M.: “I dipped apple in honey and I used my honey dish.”

Benny S.: “I dipped the apple in the honey at my home.”

Dahlia: “I was quiet in Shul and I heard toot, toot, toot.”

Eshel: “I played in Shul.”

Ezra: “Eshel came to my house for dinner.”

Golan: “I dipped apple and challah in honey.”

Itai: “I ate round challah with honey all day.”

Jonah: “I went to Benny’s house and played in the basement.”

Julia: “I dipped the apples in the honey.”

Lilly: “I went to the temple. I heard the shofar.”

Meital: “I went to my Bubbie’s house for lunch.”

Mia: “I sat with my Mom in Shul and listened to the Rabbi.”

Natan: “I heard Tzvi blow the shofar. I ate apples with honey.”

Naveh: “I blew the shofar and played with a car.”

Noa: “I had sweet carrots at my home. I put honey on my challah.”

Olivia: “I had fun at home.”

Shai: “I used my honey dish.”

Shifra: “My cousin Meital came over to play and eat with me.”

Sonny: “I stayed with my mom and dad at Old Orchard Beach.”

Temima: “I ate apples with honey and honey with my challah with my friends.”

Uri: “I was davening in Shul with my dad and uncle.”

We hope that one of your highlights was reading with your child their Rosh Hashana booklet.  We wanted to share with you some of the thoughts and planning that went into the making of the Rosh Hashana book, as well as an overview and reasons behind some of the projects we do in N/PK.  Let’s call it “The pedagogy of projects.”

We love to teach about the customs and flavors of the different Jewish Holidays and to build excitement with your children.  We love to sing songs and to dip apples in honey and then to see those experiences repeated and shared with you at home.  We love to read and to build excitement for literacy by having your child create their own book – complete with rhymes and letters in both Hebrew and English.  We love to count apples and learn about shapes (ask your child how many circles they have on their round challah page).  And we love to hear the sounds of the shofar, to learn about different sounds and tones – and to learn about silence.


We love to work cooperatively and respectfully at the art table, sharing materials and learning to take turns while strengthening and developing fine motor skills.  We love building a community of learners as we meet new friends and share new experiences together.


At any given time, there are a multitude of reasons behind our daily routines and activities.  In one “project” we are developing fine motor skills; literacy, math and science fluency; creativity and art expression; a love of Israel and Mitzvot; and a sense of independence and maturity – all while playing and doing “the projects”.  We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into N/PK and we look forward to an amazing New Year together!


Wishing you a G’mar Chatima Tova, גְּמַר חֲתִימָה טוֹבָה


Morah Tovah, Morah Ulli, Morah Channah, Morah Pam, Morah Eti and Morah Tsila

September 15, 2017                                              ב''ה


The Sounds of the Shofar


We were excited to have Tzvi Diamond come into school on Monday to blow shofar for our class.  As we prepare for Rosh Hashana, we were able to listen quietly to the tekiyah, shevarim and teruah sounds.  We also spent time decorating our own shofarot using small gems and glitter. 

The “sweetness” continues in the afternoons, as we delve deeper into our unit on bees and honey.  The children were excited to make their own bee pictures and golden beehives – each one, swarming with 5 bees. (Check out the bulletin board to see some work samples!)

We have also been busy creating a special Rosh Hashana book, complete with rhymes, shapes, and apples, as well as cards for our families and friends.

Outside we have been busy building with our new wooden blocks!  The children are amazing builders and we have been having fun challenging ourselves to see what we can build out of these new blocks. 

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!


September 8, 2017

We’re Off and Running!

Our year in N/PK is off to a great start! We have already had our first gym class with Coach Dave, music class with Morah Elah, and Shabbat Ruach with Rabbi Potok!

A new school year brings with it many opportunities to learn and grow together. We are learning new routines and how to be more independent and self-reliant. We are learning how to work together in both small and large groups developing new social skills, as well as immeasurable cognitive skills. We will learn about Chaggim and celebrate Shabbat together. And, most importantly, make new friends!

We are looking forward to a great year together in N/PK!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם!

Morot Tova, Ulli, Channah, Tsila, Pam and Eti

Please join us for Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 13th at 7:00pm to hear more about N/PK.