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Grade 2-3



Grade 2-3 Teachers' Messages

June 15, 2018

How can this be the last newsletter? How can this be the last week of school?  There are too many more things that we need to do! UGH!

Well, it is the last day and I must admit that even though this date has been on the calendar all year, it is always a shock when it comes.

I want to thank all of you for a great year of support and partnership.  I also want to wish Itzik and Hani a great trip back to Israel. I wish Nachum and his family the best of luck for their wonderful new adventure.  A special good bye to Eshie and his family--maybe we will start saving for a 2nd-3rd grade field trip to Florida!

This week in Judaic Studies, we mainly focused on activities which summarized the whole year.

We had different types of fun activities in order to remember the different skills which we learned in the Chumash. Each student made his/her own Bingo board,filled with the different skills which we studied.We did similar activity about the different ideas/words about the holidays.

We also had crossword puzzles, which concluded the Hebrew terms for every activity that we had in our daily life here at school.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mrs Klayman and Morah Sara for their great help,support and cooperation during the whole year and to wish all students,families and the entire staff and the entire community with a great summer.I would certainly miss all of you.


Now that the year is over, I would like to thank the second and third graders for two wonderful years of teaching Hebrew (and also Judaics at some point in time). It was a great pleasure to talk and to listen to Hebrew, to sing, and to laugh with all of you.  Thank you for your support, concern, and trust. Thank you for your hospitality and warm words.

I will miss all of you and hope to hear from you and to see you in Israel!

-Morah Hani

Have a terrific summer to everyone---drink a lot of water, wear your sunscreen and READ!

June 8, 2018

MACCABIAH MADNESS!! What a fun week we had---lots of cheers, field events, capture the flag, banner making, dvars and more!!  The students had a great time and enjoyed all the aspects of our Maccabiah!

As you viewed today at our expo- the 2nd and 3rd graders did a FANTASTIC job on their research projects!  Tri-folds, dioramas, lego models and books were all wonderful ways in which they showed off their knowledge.  Thank you for stopping by!!

Each day next week, your child will be bringing things home from school--please make sure those things (notebooks, binders etc) stay at home---this will make it easier for Friday!

During the week we also learned and discussed a lot about leadership and also about the transition from Moshe to Yehusuah.

Thank you all for coming to celebrate Mesibat Hanavi with us.

Parsha- this week we studied parshat Shelach.

Have a great weekend - Shabbat shalom

June 1, 2018

The students have been working tirelessly on their research projects.  They are learning how to navigate all the information they are reading.   Their skills in synthesizing have increased as well as their organizational skills.  It has been terrific to watch them ask each other for help. Their cooperation skills have also increased.

All the students have also been playing a “grocery game” in math to help solidify their money skills.  They are really enjoying this game and have fun being the “banker”.

In Judaic Studies this week, now that the chagim are behind us, we mainly focused on Chumash.

We jumped into the Chumash this week and learned how to use it properly. We tried to locate perek/pasuk in different parshiot in the Chumash.

This week the 2nd graders started a new perek-perek 13. We studied about the fight which Avram’s shepherds had with Lot’s shepherds.We also learned about the people of Sedom.

The 3rd graders continued practicing the Chumash and also Rashi script.We learned perek 24 as well. The students learned about the meeting between Eliezer-Avraham’s servant- and Rivka in Charan.

Parsha- This week’s parsha is Beha'alotcha. We learned the different topics about the parsha and watched a short video as well.

This week In Ivrit  was very busy, my heart filled with joy.  Each student worked on writing their own “chaverim b’Ivrit” book - putting efforts to apply their Hebrew knowledge. They created tasks for each short story, such as a crossword puzzle, yes and no questions - just like the stories of Tamar in the original “chaverim b’Ivrit”. In addition, the students creatively drew pictures in the album or pasted a picture from home.  I can’t wait to see the finished book! Of course we continued to work in groups on reading and reading comprehension, and even learned to read a Hebrew clock.

Reminder: June 8, 8:00-9:00, please join us for Shabbat Ruach and the 3rd grade Mesibat HaNavi.  The 2nd and 3rd graders will also be presenting their research projects!

Also, we are trying to spend more time outside, so please send in a water bottle with your child.

Shabbat Shalom!

May 18, 2018

Happy Nice Weather!!

We started working this week on our “salsa” garden! The students turned over the soil, painted signs and did some planting.  It was great to hear how many students have gardens at their own homes!

We have also enjoyed watching the baby eagles that have recently been born in Washington DC.   Please check out  and enjoy the live stream.

As you know, the students have each decided to choose something to research.  All of the topics are fantastic. Here are a few examples: sloths, how did legos get invented, the differences between California and Massachusetts and prosthetics.  It would be very helpful if you could take your child to the public library and get him/her some books on his/her subject. They will have access to computers at school but the availability is not consistent.  We will work on the project in school.

The students have been working on pronouns this week as well as being reminded to use correct punctuation in their sentences.

This week in Hebrew the students continued to write their own “Chaverim BIvrit” booklet.

They wrote short stories about their class and their family.  They even prepared questions and tasks about the stories, just like the original Hebrew friends In Chaverim BIvrit!  The students discussed what places they would like to visit - they used words like: too much, heavy, long, very hot, and thinking.  We practiced reading comprehension and understanding instructions in a Hebrew book about friendship. Lastly, we worked on reading a clock in Hebrew.

We also focused on a few new topics in Judaic studies this week.

Chumash- The 2nd graders continued perek 12.  Each student makes his/her own progress in the Lehavin Ulehaskil workbook and we all together learned from the Chumash. The 3rd graders continued together learning perek 23 and also practicing the different skills and Rashi Script as well.

Shavuot- This week we learned many topics relating to the upcoming holiday. We talked about mitzvot on Shavuot, different minhagim about Shavuot, and we learned the 4 names of the holiday.

On Friday we started learning the new Sefer for Parshat Bamidbar.

Shabbat shalom!

May 11, 2018

What a beautiful week! We were able to get outside more and notice what is blooming.  We are also using up a lot of tissues since many students seem to have their allergies in bloom too!

This week the students continued with their adapted fairy tales---reading and writing their own.  They are all working very diligently in this area and are starting to share ideas. One student is even illustrating a story for another student!

Our math work continues to progress with regrouping, time and money.  Please remind your child that s/he can work on iready at home if s/he wants.

Shhhhh-the students also worked hard on some Mother’s Day gifts!

As we wrote last week---please feel free to send in a water bottle for your child. It is helpful to have them have access to that during the day.

I am planning on having the next auction next week, so if you are spring cleaning and find some gently used items that you think the students would like, please send them in!

During this nice and warm week, we focused on the next topics in Judaic Studies.

First and foremost, we continued our learning in the Chumash and in the Lehavin Ulehaskil workbook.

        2nd grade- we continued perek 12 and we made it to pesukim 13-18.

        3rd grade- we continued perek 23, pesukim 3-7.

We learned the contents of the pesukim and learning the different skills of the Chumash as well.

This week we also learned about Yom Yerushalayim.  We studied about the history of Jerusalem and heard a few stories about the city.

Parsha-this week we learned about parshat Behar.

This week in Hebrew the students began applying the vocabulary they learned in Chaverim b’ivrit  booklets. They wrote their own stories, like Tamar's. They used sentences with verbs and infinitives to tell about themselves, their friends, their family, and their pets.

This week we read the text “Tamar's Class Trip to Neot Kedumim”.  The students learned the vocabulary and saw a short video about Neot Kedumim in Eretz Israel.

Shabbat shalom.

May 4, 2018

Happy May! It really is spring and our class is super excited to be able to spend more time outside.  Please feel free to let your child bring in a water bottle to have during the day. It makes it easier than going to the water fountain all day!

This week the students learned about landforms and erosion in science.  They were able to form their own mountains out of water, sand and soil and then watch as “rain’ came down.  They could observe the changes that happened, and we talked about the changes to land that are caused by water.  The students also learned how wind can affect the change of a landform. They used a straw to see what would happen when “wind” is blown on sand.

The students have also been identifying character traits and finding evidence of those traits in our “adapted fairy tales”. They are doing a wonderful job with these skills and are learning a more varied and sophisticated list of character traits, instead of “funny” or “friendly”.  

Many students have asked if they can continue with Lexia at home.  If you would like your child to do so, please let them. I would however suggest not more than a 20 minute period.

The class has also been really enjoying using our Story Cubes and Roll To America games! Ask your child which one s/he likes the most!

What a great, awesome week we had in Judaic Studies!

This week we learned about many topics and discussed many subjects, both in the class and outside in nature.

In Chumash we continued to make progress. This week the 2nd graders learned about Avram going to Egypt and how he asked Sara to tell the Egyptians that she is his sister.  Ask your child why he made this choice.

The 3rd graders continued integrating the different skills and learning about the Avot in Bereshit.

We learned about Lag Baomer in a very extensive way. We learned about three people:  Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and Bar Cochvah. The students heard a few stories taken from this time and the historical background of Lag Baomer.

We spent some time outside, as well, learning how to make and bake pita.

Parshat Emor - we will send a Parsha Sheet with the students.

This week we finished the second Chaverim B’ivrit book.  After the review work at the end of the booklet, the students were assessed and showed tremendous success in using the vocabulary that they learned.  We started the third Chaverim B’ivrit book. In Yesodot Halashon we practiced the use of the word et (the).

Have a great weekend…..Shabbat shalom.

April 27, 2018

It’s the last full week of April, and finally we have some spring weather! It has been great to be able to get outside and enjoy the spring air!  

This week, the students have been working hard on their adapted fairy tales--working on character traits, setting and point of view.  Many of the students did not know the “original” fairy tales, so we did some reading of the original ones as well as the adapted ones.

Open Circle continues with problem solving skills--goals and solutions.  It has been helpful for us to practice our “calm breathing” as we discuss goals and solutions.  The students are also learning what it takes to be a “positive leader”. They all know what it means and the next step is to put the skills into place.

Telling time, regrouping while adding and subtracting and working on word problems are all skills that the second graders are continuing with.

The class had a lot of fun “finding” words from EARTH DAY!  How many can you find??

This week in Hebrew we practiced using numbers up to twenty.  We practiced writing numbers correctly and we differentiated between numbers in masculine and feminine forms.  The students enjoyed playing memory games, math cards in Hebrew and tasks from the Yesodot Halashon book.

This week we also read a story about visiting the sick, another story about Tamar who broke her leg, and a third story about Rabbi Akiva and his students.

After celebrating Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut, we mainly concentrated our Judaic Studies learning on Chumash.  We read the Chumash and worked in the Lehavin Ulehaskil books.

2nd grade: we continued learning perek 12 and during this week we studied the story about Avram and Sarai going to Egypt.  We practiced, as well, the meaning of a word ending in kamatz+the letter hey.

3rd grade: we continued Rashi script and learning the Chumash.

Parsha: this week we learned the parashot of Acharei Mot-Kedoshim. We discussed it in class and will be sending home a parsha sheet with the students.

Shabbat Shalom.

April 20, 2018

We have had a busy week!  The students are continuing their “problem solving steps” with Open Circle.  There have been thoughtful exercises for them to think about and to “role play” scenarios and outcomes of problems and possible goals/solutions.

The second graders continue to practice their work on telling time.  Please feel free to help your child with this skill at home.

We spent some time this week talking about Earth Day (April 22).  How can we help protect the earth, how we can recycle more and pay attention to our resources.  We have a new large recycle bin in the classroom and the students are being reminded to use it for paper.  

Our adapted fairy tale unit is continuing and the students are really enjoying hearing some interesting twists on the original stories!  Very soon, they will be reading and writing their own……

What a great week we had in Judaic Studies!

This week was full of special events, so we kept plenty busy learning about Israel.

We learned about Zionist leaders and talked a lot about the connection between Jews who live in Sharon and those who live in Israel.  We sang songs and learned about different places in Israel.

On Thursday, we had a great Yom Haatzmaut program.The students learned about Israel in different fun activities. You should be proud of your children for a great daglanut and for a beautiful kolulam!

This week, we also learned about Parshat Tazria Metzora. We learned about the tzara’at and watched a short video about the parsha.

Let's hope spring is really on the way!!

Shabbat shalom

April 13, 2018

It’s been terrific having everyone back from break this week!  We have needed to remind our students what it means to be back in school, but they are catching on quickly!

The second graders this week are learning how to tell time--many of them already had a great introduction last year and now find it quite easy!

We started our Adapted Fairy Tales unit ---the students are enjoying hearing some fairy tales with a twist!

The students are practicing “turn and talk” as they share thoughts and ideas with a partner.  The skills of having patience, waiting their turn, and responding respectfully are all elements we are practicing.

This unit incorporates identifying character motivations, traits and feelings.  They will also be able to compare 2 or more versions of the same story.

During Judaic Studies this week, we accomplished a lot and we also studied many different topics!

In Chumash, the 2nd graders continued learning about Avram and Sarai in the land of Canaan and together we continued to practice the different skills in the Lehavin Ulehaskil workbook.

The 3rd graders continued learning chapter 23, pesukim 2-5.  We also learned and practiced the Rashi script by learning and playing a memory game.

We also talked about the Holocaust and watched a short video about a rescue story.

We learned, as well, about the days of Sefirat Haomer and studied about parashat Shmini.

This week in Ivirt, each child shared with us details about their Pesach. In addition, we practiced having a conversation about the conflict between what I should do vs. what I wanted. The students used the wonderful vocabulary we learned so far.  In Chaverim B’Ivrit and Yesodot Halashon, we continued to practice reading and writing using Shem H’poal.

Reminder:  unless specifically requested by teachers, please discourage your child from bringing in toys, money or other items from home---these are a huge distraction in the class.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!

March 23, 2018

Well the Iditarod is over----Joar Leifseth Ulsom arrived at the finish line shortly after 2:30 a.m. local time after nine days and 12 hours to become the second Norwegian to win the 1,000-mile Iditarod.  The last musher to get across the finish line was Magnus Kaltenborn (from Canada) and received the Red Lantern Award (ask your child what that means). The students were able to make 20 words in the word Iditarod--how many can you make?

The weather has made us all a little preoccupied in class---welcoming spring as we watched another snow storm!  Everyone is still trying hard to concentrate on school work even though it is not easy. Students started and completed maps with both bodies of water and landforms including a key. They are on the bulletin board in the hallway outside our classroom if you are in the building--check them out.

We also started a “spring” bulletin board and the students wrote a sentence about what they like about spring.  It was an extra challenge to do this as the snow was falling!

In Judaic studies this week we learned many topics.  Most of our time we dedicated for Pesach, however, we didn’t stop learning the Chumash.

In the Lehavin Ulehaskil book we practiced the different skills and this week we reviewed techiliyot (prefixes) and sofiyot (suffixes) again. We studied this week new shorashim.

The 3rd graders continued in parashat Lech Lecha.

We covered many topics about Pesach. We learned the numerical difference between chametz and matzah. There is a difference of three-please ask your child to tell you the difference. We learned, as well, about the meaning of the root of the word Haggadah. We discussed the reason why we have to talk about Yetziat Mitzrayim.

This week we experienced the great mitzvah of making our own matzah.We made the dough, made matzah according to the halachic process and eventually we baked a “real” (not kosher for Pesach) matzah.

This week’s parsha is Tzav. We discussed the different topics about the parsha in class and watched a short video about the parsha.

In Ivrit this week, we read from Chaverim B’Ivrit stories about Shchory, Tamar's dog, and their new friend Noah. The students answered  questions, wrote sentences and even wrote a paragraph about pets. This week we practiced by playing the game “I have, who has” with different kinds of foods.  We also worked on using verbs in the correct form in the Yesodot Halashon book.

Stay warm over the weekend and think sunny thoughts---


March 9, 2018

The Iditarod is well on it’s way and the students are learning so many facts about this important race (i.e. the race is the longest dog sled race, the dogs wear booties, the mushers are from all over the world, the Red Lantern is awarded to the last team to finish the race---these are only a few great facts that the students know!).  It was great to hear that many of the students have looked at the website and are following the race at home!

In Open Circle this week , we began a multi-lesson unit on problem solving.  In the coming weeks we will be learning to use a six-step process for solving people problems.  We began by talking about what a problem is- a problem is any situation which causes someone to be upset or confused. We made a list of problems that students in our class might have,  such as problems at recess or with friends. More information will be coming about our problem solving unit as the weeks progress.

Students completed the iready mid-year diagnostic test this week also.  They are all working hard in math.

Writing workshop continues to be a “big hit” in the classroom. The students are know required to have 3 peers read (edit) their story before it goes to “print”.

In Ivrit this week we reviewed the verbs in the present tense and the infinitive (shem hapoal) verbs.  The students created sentences orally and in writing. They expanded them by adding an adjective, like color.  In addition, we practiced the use of all the verbs in the Yesodot Halashon book.

For our reading comprehension learning, we continued to practice fluency by reading short stories from Chaverim B’Ivrit. We read about Tamar's best friend, Shchory the dog, and about Tamar's new girlfriend who is no longer afraid of dogs. We learned new words for pet and bark.

In Judaic Studies, we mainly focused on learning about Pesach.

We learned that we should start learning about Pesach 30 days before because Pesach has so many special halachot and ideas.

We learned that the holliday has four names and that the number 4 repeats itself many times on Pesach.

We learned about who we have in the Haggadah and who is missing in the Haggadah. (Moshe is missing and we discussed about the meaning of his absence.)

We heard a few stories about Pesach which are relevant to what we have shared in class.

We learned the relevant Hebrew vocabulary for Pesach.

We also learned about this week’s parsha.

Please note that by 8:30 most students are already hungry! Make sure that your child has enough food and food choices for the day as well as all the utensils s/he needs--often students are missing a spoon or fork---thank you

Have a great weekend!

February 16, 2018

We are on the Olympic Road! Team USA!!  The students have been busy researching how their Olympian is doing, when s/he is competing and fun facts about their person.  It is very exciting and the students are really enjoying this work.  We will continue with our Olympic work until they end on February 25th.

The students also continue to be excited about their biography books.  We finished our read aloud about Claude Monet and have started The Great Serum Race. The story about the Iditarod.  The Iditarod begins March 3rd, and we will spend a lot of time learning about the mushers and their dogs (  Please feel free to check out some of the web sites regarding the Iditarod.

Our Open Circle curriculum has taken us to discuss, “bullying behavior”, and being a “bystander”. We have had many great conversations about both of these.

This week in Hebrew, we practiced prepositions.  The students drew a picture according to the teacher's instructions, and then  they were asked to write sentences  using the words: right side, left side, above, beginning, next, etc. The students also practiced sentences with prepositions in the Yesodot HaLashon book.

Decoding and reading comprehension: The students continued to read from Chaverim B’Ivrit about Dan, Tamar's friend and Shchori, the  dog. They learned new words like “Mitbayesh”- ashamed, and repeated common words by writing sentences such as talking, traveling, and studying.

Listening comprehension: The students heard the story "Mishloach Manot" and answered questions to demonstrate their understanding of the text.

In Judaic studies this week, we mainly concentrated on the month of Adar and we studied, as well,  about Purim.

We also made progress in learning Chumash.

2nd grade- we continued perek 12 and we learned two new pesukim.

3rd grade- we learned this week about perek 23 . We learned about Avraham and Efron. We also practiced Rashi script.

We learned many things about Purim: the mitzvot which begins with the letter מ . We also studied about Megillat Esther and the people in the Megillah.

We also learned during the week about Parshat Hashavua-Parashat Terumah.

Have a wonderful February break!!

February 9, 2018

This has been a tough week as many students and teachers have been out sick.  As  you can imagine, we are encouraging students to keep their hands to themselves and wash their hands often.  Thank you for keeping your child home if s/he is not feeling well.

We are on the road to the Olympics! The opening ceremonies are this weekend as well as the first events.  All of the students have picked an American Olympian to research and to follow. It will be an exciting “event” in our class to keep track of our American Olympians!! Team USA!

Our biography work continues as our students will be researching their Olympian and then sharing facts as well as character traits of their person!  Our biography read alouds so far have been about Harry Houdini, Martin Luther King Jr., Milton Hershey and Claude Monet.  The students are really enjoying hearing these stories and it is a wonderful way for us to talk about character traits.

Our science work has us exploring landforms as well as bodies of water.  The students are amazed that our earth is covered with 70% water and only 30%  land!

During Open Circle, we are discussing “dangerous and destructive behavior”,  “responding to annoying behavior” and “bullying”.  The students continue to work on sharing their thoughts respectfully and listening to each other.

In Judaic Studies this week, we concentrated on learning Chumash and we also started learning about the month of Adar and about Purim.

In Chumash, the 2nd graders studied new pesukim, 9 and 10. We read the pesukim from the Chumash and studied it in the workbook.

Meanwhile, the 3rd graders learned perek 20 and continued in our workbook.

We also made Purim Cards to soldiers in Israel and we wrote, as well, letters in Hebrew to students in Israel. These students will then write Purim Cards in Hebrew to us!  We look forward to receiving their cards.

Parashat Hashavua- this week’s parsha is Mishpatim. We learned it in class and we will send a Parsha sheet with the students.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.

Shabbat shalom

February 2, 2018

Happy February! We are looking forward to our shabbaton tonight! We hope that you will all join us at the oneg at 7:00.

This week we wished Eli a wonderful trip to Israel. He and his family will be there until the end of the school year and we are excited for all of them! We will be able to keep in touch with Eli by emailing him and look forward to hearing from him also.

We had our first auction this week. Many of the students “cashed” in their tickets for prizes and some students saved their tickets for our next auction (end of February). If you would like to donate an item to the auction, please do so!

The students have continued to work hard on their stories during Writing Workshop---many of them are also enjoying using the Scholastic Story Starter website when they are stuck! Please feel free to have your child use that website when they are home if they are allowed.

We will be continuing with our biography unit this month as we start to learn about some of our US olympians and then move to the mushers in the Iditarod. Each student now has a book bag with many biographies that s/he is reading during the day. It is exciting to see which biographies they are interested in and who they want to learn more about.

As our read aloud, I am currently reading The Watcher---a story about Jane Goodall.


What a wonderful week we had in Judaic Studies! We learned a lot about Tu Bishvat. We studied about the importance of this holiday and we also learned where trees are mentioned in the Torah. We heard two beautiful stories about the holiday. We also watched a short video about how Tu Bishvat is being celebrated in Israel. We also made a flowerpot for Tu Bishvat.

In Lehavin Ulehaskil we made great progress in the third book.This week we concentrated on perek 12 and we learned three new verses- 6-9. We read these pesukim in the Chumash.

The 3rd graders practiced Rashi script through Rashi Memory Game.We also continued in the Chumash.

Parashat Hashavoua-this week’s parasha is Yitro. We will send a detailed parsha sheet with the students.

This week in Hebrew we worked on developing the skill of listening comprehension. The students heard the story “Tu Bishvat Basheleg” and answered questions based on what they heard.

In addition, we continued to practice reading comprehension in Chaverim B'Ivrit and practiced using Shem H'apoal in sentences with the words “Rotze”,”Yachol”, and ”Zarich”.

As part of the preparations for our Shabbaton on Friday , we prepared the desserts. Of course we had to read the recipes in Hebrew and we used the words Kos-cup, Kapit-teaspoon, Beytza-egg ...the desserts look and smell good. We look forward to sharing them with you at the oneg!

We also did a big clean out of our cubbies this week. Please check your child’s backpack and know that everything in the backpack should be kept at home (except of course homework folder and homework!)

January 26, 2018

Happy last full week in January! Thank you for making sure that our class met our quota for Family Table (we even had more than was expected!).

This week the students have been finalizing their biography reports. They have worked very hard on these and we will continue to observe and record character traits as we start learning about Olympians. We are looking forward to learning about some Olympians and notice what character traits they share with one another.

We had a great time this week celebrating Shabbat Shira with our n/pk friends. Our class were terrific mentors and had a lot of fun!!

We have also started our new earth science unit on Landforms. When you are out with your child, please point out the landforms that you see (or ask your child to do this!).

The creativity in the class is fantastic as many of the students have taken it upon themselves to start making their own math games and then share them with a friend.

One of the things that the class is working on is how to talk to one another respectfully while we work. This is an important skill and we practice it everyday.

This week the students were busy doing their Chumash assessment. It was a challenging task, but I am sure the students did very welll.

We started learning about Tu B’shvat and we learned the suitable Hebrew vocabulary together with information about this special holiday.

In Chumash we continued making progress in the Lehavin Ulehaskil workbook.

2nd grade- we read pesukim 5-6 in perek 12.

3rd grade- we made lot of progress with the Rashi script,about Rashi as a person and also the meaning of Dibbur Hamatchil.

Parasha-this week’s parsha is Beshalach. We studied about Shirat Hayam and about other topics in the parsha. We will send a detailed parsha sheet to review it on Shabbat.

This week in Hebrew we started reading the Hebrew newspaper “Etzbeoni”. We will get this once a month. This month’s was focused on Chodesh Shvat. The children read the articles and every child told what he/she understood and loved. The students discussed an article that describes an area in the south of Israel where red kalaniyot are blooming. The are is called “Darom Adom”. If you happen to be planning a trip to Israel during the February vacation, I recommend you travel in this area! In Chaveirim Beivrit, as well as in the Yesodot Halashon, we continued to practice and understand the using of infinitive. The students completed sentences with the verbs: can, want, need and love.

Just to make sure that is on everyone’s radar, our 2nd-5th grade Shabbaton is coming up this coming Friday night, February 2nd. The students should arrive at 4:40 for Kabalat Shabbat with the Young Israel.  We will then enjoy an evening of dinner, games, songs, and divrei torah.  Families are invited at 7:00 for an Oneg and dessert.  Next week the students will spend some time preparing for this amazing program that all of our students look forward to.

Shabbat shalom.


January 19, 2018

The students worked very hard this week on both their biography reports as well as a Martin Luther King Jr. packet. The students are becoming more familiar with the term “character trait”, and are able to provide evidence once they can connect a trait (or traits) with a person. We are also reading about Milton Hershey and the students are enjoying how “determined” he was.

The students completed a self reflection in Open Circle. It was helpful to see what their goals are and how they think they are doing in Open Circle.

This week we had the opportunity to perform activities with Understanding Our Differences. Please ask your child what activities s/he liked, what was challenging and what s/he learned.

Second graders continue their work with double digit addition,using the hundreds chart and “making tens”. If you are interested a great math website is There are many games and fun ways to practice math facts. They can also log on to their iready accounts at home if interested. All the students had their mid-year math assessment this week.

We had our first Klayman Market this week! The students were able to “purchase” items with their tickets. Some of the items were erasers, gel pens, match-box cars and homework passes (guess which of those went first!). Please remember that the Klayman Market accepts donated items for the students to purchase!! Some students are saving up for the Classroom Auction which will take place at the end of the month! We are looking for some big-ticket items (hint, hint)!!

In Judaic studies we practiced the different Chumash skills we have learned so far this year. Next week the students will be taking an assessment. They are wonderfully prepared!

However, even with time spent on reviews, we also continued in both classes to make progress in the Chumash. The 2nd graders learned Perek 12 pasuk 4 . We learned the pasuk about the relationship between Avram and Lot.

The 3rd graders continued in Chaey Sarah, perek 23. The students learned and practiced Rashi Script as well.

This week’s parsha is Bo. We learned the parsha in class-we will send a detailed parsha sheet,which will help you to discuss the parsha over the Shabbat table.

We also learned in class about the new month of Shevat.

This week we finished the activity “Merotz L”Ivrit“ that we started last week. The kids worked wonderfully in groups and helped each other.

In Yesodot Halashon we started practicing using “Shem H’poal” - infinitives in sentences. Infinitives exist in Hebrew, just as they do in English. The students practiced using this new skill after the verb “rotze” (want) and “ohev” (love) and “yachol” (can).

In Chaverim B”Ivrit we read about Raheli Tamar's friend and changed sentences in the present tense to sentences with infinitives.

Reminder - please remember to have your child bring in snow gear for recess each day.

Shabbat shalom and enjoy the weekend!


January 12, 2018

This week we started our week by reading non-fiction stories about Martin Luther King Jr. We had many conversations about the struggles and injustices he faced and how he wanted to spread love and kindness. This kicked off our biography unit. The students had the chance to decide which biography they would read. Please ask your child what s/he chose.

As the children read, we started the conversation about character traits and which ones are shared amongst the biographical stories we are reading.

Open Circle focused on “speaking up”, (look at the person, speak slowly, clearly and loudly enough, express feelings in a respectful way), and “expressing angry feelings”, (learn ways to express anger in a way that is not hurtful to others, use calm breathing).

Thank you to those of you who have already donated to our “store/auction”. The students are getting very excited about this.

This week in Judaic studies, we mainly reviewed the different skills of the Chumash. We reviewed it as a practice and as preparation for the assessment which both second and third will have soon in the upcoming weeks.

In 2nd grade we also learned new two pesukim during this week. The third graders continued in chapter 18 and made lots of progress.

Parshat Hashavua-this week’s parsha is Vaera.We learned the parsha and watched a short video as well.

This week in Ivrit, we celebrated Savuah H’Ivrit which began on the 22nd of Tevet - Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s birthday. Every morning we began with songs, games and riddles in Hebrew that earned the student’s prizes. At lunch, the children learned new Hebrew slang like “Sababa” which means excellent and ”Magniv” which means cool.

In the regular Hebrew lessons, the students practiced reading, reading comprehension and vocabulary with texts, short videos, songs, crossword puzzles and various games about the Hebrew language.

A tremendous thank you to Morah Hani, Moreh Itzik, Gali and Aviya for making this week amazing!

Thank you also for those of you who have helped our Family Table donation. We are on our way but still need 13 more boxes of crackers and 10 ten more cans of fruit.

Enjoy the long weekend and please ask your child what s/he learned about MLK.

January 5, 2018

Wow! Happy 2018! We hope that you had a wonderful week last week. It was great to hear from the students about their break.

This week in Open Circle, we have been discussing “cooperation”. The students had wonderful examples of how they can cooperate.

We will be starting a biography unit soon and the students were able to make some choices as to what they would like to read. It will be an exciting unit for them.

The students also made their own word searches this week that were put into a booklet so that everyone could try all of them! They were very excited about this!

The students also each wrote a poem about winter and we were able to start a new bulletin board to showcase their work! Also outside our classroom, we have all the students’ maps hanging up. Please stop and take a look at them the next time you are in the school.

In Judaic studies this week, we concentrated mainly on learning the Chumash.

2nd graders started Parashat Lech Lecha chapter 12 pesukim 1 and 2. We learned how to implement all the skills which we learned in the Hachanah Lechumash. We also read the pesukim from the Chumash. We learned how to learn the Chumash and the students were excited about that.

3rd graders learned this week the Chumash and we are going to finish our parasha and to begin Chayei Sarah.

Parashat Hashavoua-This week’s parsha is Shemot. We learned about the new Chumash and about how a leader is chosen.The students watched a short video about the parsha.

This week we studied, as well, the saying “derech eretz kadmah latorah“. We discussed this saying and talked about the importance of good manners.

We have introduced a new incentive system for the students. They are able to obtain tickets during the day for appropriate behavior as well as demonstrating appropriate school-work habits. The students will be able to turn the tickets in for an item at our “store” or auction during the month. If you happen to have any items you would like to donate for our store or auction, all donations will be accepted!

Have a great weekend and stay warm.


December 22, 2017

Happy Winter! Winter officially started yesterday with the Winter Solstice.

This week in Open Circle we started tackling “strengthening relationships”. We started talking about how we can give and receive compliments and moved to how we can work together more cooperatively. It is great to see how most of the students are taking these topics seriously and are trying the techniques and skills being taught.

We completed our mapping unit and the students were excited to finish up their own maps and share them with their peers. Writing and math continue to be part of our everyday learning and the students are all making progress in both areas. The students are also excited each time someone “finishes” a level in Lexia! It’s great to see their excitement for their friends.

Judaic Studies.

Wow, What a great Mesibat Ha’chumash we had! It was great working with the students and helping them learn so much Hebrew. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us.

During the week we learned about Hanukkah and studied Chumash as well.We played Hanukkah Bingo-each student made his own board and then the class gave hints for each word-it was fun.


2nd grade started the first book after the Hachanah Lechumash. We learned about the magic of the Torah and we also started perek 12 pesukim 1-5. We started with learning question words and the first verse of the perek.

3rd grade -we continued perek 22 and we learned about Avraham and Sara.

Parashat Hashavuah- this week’s parasha is Vayigash. We learned about the meeting between Yosef and his brothers.


This week in Hebrew, the students completed a reading comprehension task that examined the use of the vocabulary learned in Chaverim B’Ivrit number 1. Before starting Chaverim B’Ivrit number 2, we reviewed the skill of understanding the written instructions as they appear in the booklet.The theme of this booklet is "My Friends”.

Later this week we also started a new grammar book "Yesodot H’Lashon". The goal of this book is to provide activities that emphasize grammar, and writing sentences. Students will then understand the correct grammatical format to use when speaking the language.

We hope that you have a fun winter break with your children.


December 15, 2017

Happy Chanukkah!

In Judaic studies this week, we mainly focused on practicing for the Mesibat Hachumash. However, we still had time to learn about Hanukkah and the relevant halachut related to the holiday.

We also learned about Parashat Miketz.

The students have been working so hard to memorize a text which is almost all in Hebrew. We learned a lot about Hanukkah and also about the important value of Torah learning by practicing for the Mesibat Hachumash.

Towards the end of the Chaverim Bivrit book, the students repeated words and sentences related to a birthday and birthday party, for example, how old you are in male and female, foods, and gifts. The students read stories like Avner's Birthday and A New Classmate. The students practiced reading comprehension.

After Chanukkah, there will be a change to the days for Ivrit homework. The days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. At this time, we would like to remind you that the homework is intended to repeat the material learned in the class. There may be times when it’s too difficult and we need to reteach. If your child does not understand the homework, please encourage them to still do their best work so we can see where they are stuck. We will help and repeat the material.

It was a real challenge to make words from chanukah, but we managed! Second and third graders continued to work on their mapping skills this week.

Many of them are also researching interesting facts about states and are excited to type them up for others to read. We watched a few informational videos about directions, compass rose, symbols and keys on maps.

Many of the students are also motivated to start typing their writing workshop stories on the computer. They are very excited to do this. Although we do not teach keyboarding at school, please feel free to download a free program at home so that your child can practice. There are many free programs.

Please remember that we do go outside every day. It is helpful if you child has a pair of outdoor boots as well as a pair of shoes/sneakers for inside. It is important that after recess, their feet can be in dry, warm shoes!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday morning at 10AM.

Shabbat shalom and Happy Chanukkah!


December 8, 2017

In a recent Open Circle Meeting, we talked about recognizing and naming our feelings. We made a list of many feeling words, such as excited, happy, sad, surprised and angry and we talked about what might happen to make us feel that way.

Body Language was the topic of another recent Open Circle lesson. Body language is a way of expressing feelings with our faces or bodies instead of using words. We practiced using body language to express different feelings such as excitement, anger and surprise. Feel free to point out examples of body language that you see in books or media and discuss them with your child.

We are continuing to master our mapping skills. If you have any maps you are interested in donating to our classroom, please do----all donations will be accepted!

The students continue to be excited and motivated to write during Writing Workshop, especially now that they have access to the computer for their work! It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm! They are also picking up new vocabulary as they play “Word On The Street”.

Place Value games are being played each day for practice in math as well as practice worksheets.

We had very intensive week in Judaic Studies.

This week we focused on many topics.

In Hachana Lechumash, the second graders practiced this week the structure of the Chumash. We played a fun game to practice the order of a pasuk and a perek. Please ask your child to tell you what “ yotze” means in the game. We also practiced how a word is built-techilit,shoresh and a soffit.

The third graders continued learning perek 22 in Bereshit.

This week we learned, as well, about the coming holiday-Hanukkah.We learned what a kosher Chanukiah is. We watched a 12 chanukiyot slideshow and the students had to decide which one is a kosher and which one is not kosher.

We continued getting ready for Mesibat Hachumash. The students are excited about their presentation next Sunday,12/17, at 10:00.

This week’s parsha is Vayeshev-we learned the parsha and we also watched a short video about it.

This week in Hebrew we practiced reading and reading comprehension in two texts. We learned new vocabulary and used them in different sentences.The students answered comprehension questions and wrote a text about themselves in the same narrative structure.

Chaverim Beivrit - We are about to end the first booklet. As a repetition, the students received a quick check on the vocabulary and began review work at the end of the booklet.

Other topics we learned were the days of the week, present verbs, and overall improvement of writing.

Have a great weekend and ask your child about our new class pet!


December 1, 2017

Happy December. It was great to see you all at parent/teacher conferences.

In our Open Circle time, we have learned two calm breathing techniques (balloon breathing and counting). We are practicing these techniques in class, please ask your child which technique s/he prefers! I am practicing both techniques when I am in traffic!

We also have learned what a listening body looks like when others are talking. We even had 2 brave volunteers do some role-playing. Next topic will be recognizing and naming our feelings.

We have finished our Thanksgiving work and the students have a good understanding of what it was like to live during that time.

Our current social studies topic is mapping. The students will have ample opportunities to look at and use maps and their mapping skills.

The students continue to work hard on their writing workshop stories. Some have even started their final copies on the computer.

Math continues our understanding of place value and number sense.

This week in Hebrew the students made fortune tellers and then had a chance to play! They wrote sentences according to the pronouns and the verbs which appeared on the folded paper. Please check out our bulletin board in the hallway with the students beautiful work. In addition, the students wrote beautiful letters to the IDF soldiers. Dan and Marcia Shimshek, who will be traveling to Israel before Chanukah, will give the letters to the soldiers. The students continued to practice reading and reading comprehension from Chaverim B’Ivrit. They read about the gifts that Tamar received for her birthday and practiced using the words before and after.

In Judaic Studies this week,we mainly concentrated on the topics of Chanukkah and Chumash.

In our activities about Chanukkah, we learned about the meaning of the name and also learned an acronym about חנוכה. Ask your child what each letter represents!

We also continued learning the Hachanah Lechumash in second grade. The third graders continued with Perek 18.

Parashat Hashavoua- Our week’s parsha is Vayishlach. We learned about the meeting between Ya’akov and Eisav. We watched,as well, a short video about the parsha.

We also talked about November 29-Kaf Tet Benovember.

We also practiced our Mesibat Hachumash! Please mark your calendars for December 17th.

Have a terrific weekend and a Shabbat Shalom!


November 17, 2017

This week we have spent more time developing our stories during Writing Workshop. The students are adding descriptive words to their characters and settings. They are starting to practice the writing workshop model of writing, editing, conferencing and rewriting. Many are finding this process very tedious and would prefer to just “write their books”, but they are beginning to appreciate how growing their story, really makes it more exciting and interesting.

Our engineering process to make play dough was a huge success. The students worked collaboratively in groups tweaking and changing the recipe and they all ended with “high quality” play dough. We definitely have a class of budding engineers! Speaking of engineers, we had a special visit from Mr. Gerber (Benjy’s dad), who is a chemical engineer. The students enjoyed listening to him and learning from him. Thank you Mr. Gerber!!

Scholastic News book order came home this week. If you child wants any books, please return the order and a check by next Tuesday.

Please also note that if your child is bringing in toys or things from home to school, it is becoming a huge distraction in the classroom. Please remind your child that unless asked by the teacher to bring something in from home, all things from home should be left there.

We are looking forward to seeing you next week at Parent/Teacher conferences.

November 10, 2017

How many words can you make from the word NOVEMBER? Our class came up with over 22 words ( Did you get venom? Our class did!).

We had a great time surveying our N/PK friends for our product research section of our science unit. The second and third graders had to perform product research to help a juice company decide what color to make their new juice product. Then they had to collect and analyze the data from the survey and finally make a recommendation to the juice company. It was a great learning opportunity for all.

Our next step involves the play dough process. Our guiding question is “how can we determine the quality of a play dough process and how do the play dough materials react when they are mixed together?”. As chemical engineers, the students learned that their job is to “improve” the process that creates the low quality play dough so that it creates high-quality play dough. I hope that when you ask your child about this, s/he will be able to explain it to you!

We saluted our Veterans by reading about them and discussing how lucky we are to have so many people who serve our country. In fact, many of the students in class have grandparents who served in the military.

Our rock collection keeps growing and the students are still excited to share what they have found. Please expect any rocks/gems that your child has brought in, to be coming home before Thanksgiving.

In Judaic studies this week, we learned and accomplished a lot in different subjects.

We learned about The Balfour Declaration-we watched a short video about the significant event and learned a lot about it. The students acted out the different people who were active in this event. It was great seeing them performing so nicely.

In the Chumash both classes made progress. The 3rd graders continued learning Perek 18 and this week we learned about Avraham and his relationship with his neighbors in Eretz Canaan.

The second graders learned this week a new skill in the second book of the Hachana Lechumash-Vav Hahipuch(The Turnaround Vav).We sang a song which helps us to remember the different rules relating to Vav Hahipuch. The students worked seriously in the book.

We learned, as well, about Parshat Chayey Sarah ( even though it was Thursday!)

This week in Ivrit we focused on writing sentences. The students wrote sentences for different verbs and expanded the sentences. The students continued to practice reading fluently.

We went on reading about Tamar's birthday party. Yotam, Tamar's brother, was a clown at the party and, together with him, the children learned verbs in a female and male.

We had the pleasure to host your children at our house on Shabbat. The children were lovely and we received lovely compliments about the food!

Shabbat Shalom


November 3, 2017

Happy November!

Reading Group Cafe was a big hit his week. The students are enjoying their hot chocolate while reading! They are all progressing well in their books and answering the comprehension questions in a timely manner.

Science: we completed our chemical engineer book and are now working on definitions for words such as: processes, liquid, solid, technology. The students are also learning about product research as they experiment with creating flavored juices, and surveying some students in the school to see what they like by looking at the colors of juices.

Math: greater than, less than as well as more math games

Language Arts; prefixes and writing more descriptive sentences.

Students are learning how they are the same and different in Open Circle.

As the weather changes, please make sure that your child has layers for school! Sometimes our classroom is warm and sometimes it is chilly. We also go outdoors every day and the students should have appropriate clothing for that.

We had a chance to learn many things in Judaic Studies class this week.

On the 11th of Cheshvan, we learned about Rachel Imenu and her beautiful personality.

We continued to practice sofiyot-suffixes in second grade. The third graders continued in chapter 18 and are making great progress.

We started preparing for Mesibat Hachumash! Please help your child in memorizing their part for this milestone event on December 17.

We are excited to be hosting our students for this coming Shabbat. The main idea about the parsha as we learned it today is Hachnasat Orchim-welcoming the guests.

We would like to host the students and to talk about this important value.

This week in Ivrit we continued with “Seder H’yom Shel Shachar”- we used verbs from the book and practiced writing sentences correctly in different variations. We also practiced reading fluently and enjoyed a writing activity where the children had to insert the vowels missing in the text.

We went on reading about Tamar's birthday party. Tamar's mother played songs and the children ate and drank. Following the text, we practiced which nouns are matched with the verb for eating and drinking.

We would like to remind you that the Hebrew homework is given on Monday. Please remind your child to do their homework and help them to make sure that they put their homework into their backpack. The children should use their homework folder so that the page or book is kept clean and neat.

October 27, 2017

Can you believe it is the last full week in October? The students have been enjoying looking at our gems/minerals and rocks this week. Many of the students have even brought in pieces from their own collections. It has been very exciting to see the collections and naturally it has brought up many conversations about the similarities and differences in the rocks. We also have “on loan” a rock polisher. The students are very excited to get that up and running!

This week we were very lucky to have Mindy Levine come to class to show us static electricity explore what is in a diaper (polyacrylate absorbents) and make SLIME with the students!! Oh, ask your child what Mindy put in her mouth (hint: there was fire!).

The students are learning prefixes and suffixes in Hebrew and English. They were so excited to see them in both languages.

Reading group cafe was busy this week as each group got to have their hot chocolate and read and discuss their book.

Math continues to be numeration, and place value. These concepts will continue through the year. The students are progressing nicely through iReady and are also enjoying the games that are part of our Envision curriculum.

This was a very busy and intensive week in Judaic Studies. We accomplished a tremendous amount of learning!

Our main focus is on the Chumash but we learned some other topics, as well.

2nd grade-We mainly concentrated on Sofiyot- pronoun suffixes. We studied 10 new suffixes in different ways. Whole group review. flash cards and....a new song which helps the students to memorize the different sofiyot!

3rd grade- we continued this week in chapter 18 pasuk 5. We learned the different skills in the Chumash and also the Jewish values in these pesukim.

In addition to our Chumash work, we learned about 7th of Cheshvan. We learned about arvut hadadit - caring for every Jew in the world.

Parshat Hashavoua- this week’s parasha is Lech Lecha. We will b”h send a detailed parsha sheet with the students.

This week in Ivrit we started reading and understanding a new reading book about Shachar. Yes, the same Shachar from first grade! The book talks about what Shachar’s day is like. The students identified Hebrew verbs from the first pages and changed them from zachar and nekeva to rabim and rabot. They were so happy to say that in their Chumash studies and in general studies they are learning the same subject!

This week we focused also on building sentences correctly and how we can enrich them. The children enjoyed building sentences with pictures on the smartboard and made sure that in each sentence they answered the questions: who(name), what he is doing, where, when, and which is the verb. We continued to practice reading fluently and continued to practice writing correctly.

We want to remind all of you that next Shabbat, Parashat Vayeira, everyone in the class is invited to Shabbat dinner at the home of the Moyals. Moreh Itzik will meet the children immediately after T’filah in the shul, and will walk together to the house. Parents should plan to pick their children up at 7:30. Please let me know if your child is not able to join us.

Shabbat shalom and have a great weekend!


October 11, 2017

Although we have had the excitement of the holidays and some beautiful weather, the students have still been learning quite a lot in the last two weeks.

We have continued our work with nouns and are working carefully on creating full, complete sentences. The students are continuing their work on numeration in math and are really enjoying the math games that we play.

Our trip to Borderland on Monday was a huge success (despite the muddy ground). Here are a few highlights/ observations that the students made:

  • Fished up a penny

  • Saw a freaky bug

  • The mansion was 105 years old.

  • Ponding

  • Saw a snake

  • Big piano in mansion

  • Girls and boys had rooms on different floor in mansion

  • The library was 2 floors

  • Secret button on floor in dining room to call the butler

  • Liked seeing how people lived

  • Big bell outside

  • Big dragon and swords in library

  • Ghostbusters filmed there

  • Oaks and his diary


Although a short one, this was a great week in Judaic Studies!

We learned a lot about Sukkot and continued our Chumash learning as well.

The 2nd graders this week learned about the YONAH letters - hidden letters which sometimes are hidden in the root of the word. On our trip to Borderland State Park and we crossed over many tree roots, the students asked, “Where are the techiliyot and sofiyot?” It was wonderful to see them thinking about the different skills and concepts even outside of class!

The 3rd graders continued in chapter 18 and this week we learned and practiced pasuk 4.

This week we also had a great Sukkah Hop at The Cheses Family. The students learned about the sukkah, played Sukkot Bingo, and also heard a story about the holiday.

Thank you so much to the Cheses Family for their warm hachnasat orchim and welcoming us into their Sukkah for snack this week.

In Ivrit this week we read the story “Baruch haba Yehuda” again. This time, we focused on finding the characters in the story and the time and place where the story happens. In addition to that, we read texts from Chaverim Bivrit. We practiced by matching games, and by writing sentences for the new vocabulary. We also focused on repeating and practicing the names of the parts of the body. In another activity, we practiced using the words “Ze” for male and ”Zot” female.

We have 2 volunteers to come with us to the field trip next Wednesday. We are still looking for more! Please email us as soon as possible if you can help us so that we can go!


September 29, 2017

We have had a great week of learning: both grades have been working very hard at identifying nouns in our language arts work, both grades are also working each day on producing complete sentences with appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. We will be spending time each week practicing proper letter formation. We are working on our math skills by using worksheets and games. The students are already becoming stars at flashcards! Our math program is also reinforced by the computer program iready. The students are really enjoying watching their progress as they advance in iready.

Please ask your child what s/he is reading for DEAR time! They love the time to read each day in a quiet space in the classroom. We also just finished reading aloud Gooney Bird Greene . The students loved it. Please ask your child about the story!

We had a great week in Judaic Studies. 2nd and 3rd graders accomplished a lot during this very intensive week.

We learned about Yom Kippur about the fast and all mitzvot related to the holy day.

The students heard a personal story from me about my own personal experience when I was a bit older than they are now, and “my Yom Kippur War”. Ask your children more about this story. The students learned about the war and also identified gematria about places during the war.

In Lehavin Ulehaskil we made also a great progress.

2nd grade- this week we learned the next skills about singular/plural nouns and verbs in the chumash and how words are built. We identified prefixes, roots and a suffixes for multiple words. Our main concentration was on the prefixes.

3rd grade- this week we continued perek 18 pesukim 1-3. We also learned about the mitzvah of welcoming the guests.

Parsha- in lieu of our usual focus on Parshat Hashavua, we learned about Yom Kippur this week.

In Ivrit this week, we read texts from Chaverim B’Ivrit. We met Tamar who told us about herself, her birthday, and her family. We read the books “Baruch H’bah Yehuda” and “Brucha H’baha Nurit”. Students learned to use the strategy of marking words they did not understand. While reading it for the first time, they tried to understand the words from familiar words, for example, yeruka from yarok.

The students practiced “getting to know you” sentences as well, such as yesh li, yesh lecha, and ein li.

While organizing stories according to the order, the students practiced writing in script. We emphasized the importance of writing in the correct direction for Hebrew and we also made sure to put spaces between the words.

“I AM HUNGRY’! We hear that sentence every day! Please make sure your child has 2 snacks (morning and afternoon), and a full lunch. It would be helpful if you and your child could decide what s/he will have for snack so that s/he knows what to save for later in the day. Your children are growing at a fast pace and they need to keep up their strength for that! Thank you for your help with this.

We are looking for volunteer drivers to help us go to Slater Mill in Pawtucket on October 18th. We will leave at 9 and be back at school for lunch. Please email Mrs. Klayman ( if you can drive.

Shana Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova!


September 15, 2017

We had a wonderful week learning Judaic studies!

We learned during the week a combination of Lehavin Ulehaskil and about the upcoming chagim.

2nd grade- This week we learned in the Hachanah Lechumash the following topics: How to identify if a word is a masculine/feminine and plural/singular. We also learned new words which will help us understand the Chumash.

3rd grade- This week we learned roots of words and also started to learn in the Chumash. We learned in chapter 18.

We also learned about Rosh Hashanah. We sang songs which will help us remember the months in the Hebrew Calendar.

This week’s parsha is Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech. We will send with the students a detailed sheet about the parsha.

In Ivrit, we start each lesson with the activity "We speak Hebrew". This week we practiced the sentence I have--yesh li, he has--yesh lo, and she has--yesh la.

We practiced our reading fluency by reading the books Baruch Haba Yehuda and Brucha Hbaha Nurit.

We reviewed the Hebrew script rules, and practiced with various activities, using whiteboards and worksheets.

We worked on our reading comprehension with the story “In the school”.

And there’s always time for games like memory and Mishmash!

In general studies, the students come to school ready to learn and are excited about each day. They were all so excited for you to see their classroom, thank you for coming to our Back To School night.

One of the things that we will be working on this semester is handwriting. The students will have many opportunities to work slowly and carefully so that their letter formation is correct. They have started writing in their journals and are enjoying having a “conversation” with me as they answer my questions. It has been great getting to know the students as they share their thoughts.

The students also spent time on both math and language arts assessments (iReady and Lexia). They will be able to work on both computer programs each week.

We also started our Envisions math program and it was fun to watch the students learn and play new math games.

The students love our DEAR time, ask you child what s/he is reading! Please also check with your child to make sure s/he has plenty of food for the day. They have 2 snacks per day and are always hungry!

Shabbat Shalom!     


September 8, 2017

Wow, we are off to a great start in 2-3!!

The students are learning the new systems and protocols in our classroom as well as getting to know their new teachers.

We have started some assessments in both language arts and math. The second graders are excited to learn our “iready” math program on the netbooks.

It has been a lot of fun seeing what everyone brought in for their brown-bag and making a guessing game from it!

Your child is welcome to bring in a water bottle to the classroom to have during the day. The students also have both a morning and afternoon snack time so make sure they have plenty of food to eat. They get very hungry during the school day.

Even though started on Tuesday, this week was very busy, interesting, and filled with learning!

We were so happy to greet the students and begin many new procedures.

We started a longer Shacharit and also a longer Birkat Hamazon.

The 2nd graders learned many new topics during this week. We started the Hachanah Lechumash and we made lot of progress. The 3rd graders also learned many new things. We began Chumash Beresheet.

Together we studied the Jewish calendar. We discussed in class the difference between the beginning of the year according to the Torah and according to our time. We also learned the song “Bashanah Habah“.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday evening for our Back to School night.

Shabbat shalom,

Mrs. Klayman and Moreh Itzik