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Grade 2-3


Grade 2-3 Teacher Message

September 21, 2018

12 Tishrei, 5779

It was great to see so many of you at Back To School Night.  One of the things that we did not cover was the auction/shopping we have each month.  The students get tickets for “doing the right thing” (this includes work habits, behavior, helping others etc).  Once a month we will either have a shopping day or an auction in the class. If you would like to donate, we do take both new and gently used items (pencils, lego kits, books, puzzles, etc).  Just send in the items with your child and we will set them aside---thank you!

This week in Jewish studies we talked about experiences from the beginning of the year. We engaged in what it means to show repentance during the Ten Days of Repentance.

We talked about Yom Kippur and the difference from the other fasts.

We explored the different parts of the prayers. We learned about the laws of Sukkot and the Four Species and watched a short video about Ushpizin and we learned about the importance of joy in the holiday.

In hebrew class, we are still talking about summer. During the previous week we read a story about a 3rd grade boy.  It was great to compare his summer to their own summer. Every student wrote a short story about their summer and special activities that happened during this amazing time of the year.  We also read a poem about summer, mostly focused on summer food. We discussed what we like and what we don’t like in the summer, answered questions and drew our favorite summer food. Stay tuned for the 3rd grade classroom favorite summer foods, I think I know … do you?

Our 2nd graders are the most hard workers so far, they read every day, practice new words, participated in the whole class discussions and stay on top of every assignment they get. Toward the end of the week we started to review script.  I heard it had been their favorite activity in 1st grade. Yashar Koah and don’t slow your pace!

The students are reviewing what nouns are (many of them forgot!), and we just started brainstorming writing ideas for Writing Workshop.

Our first unit in Readers Workshop is character development. You might have heard from your child that they have to read books from our class library for this unit. They are correct!! We want the students exposed to as many characters as possible and then be able to discuss the changes that are made to that character.  It is an important skill and we will be working on this for the next few weeks.

Third graders got their math books and they are excited to dive in. The second graders are reviewing addition and subtraction with games and worksheets.

Third graders started cursive and the second graders got a new print book.

As discussed at Back To School Night, please talk with your child about what s/he likes to eat and how much!  It would also be helpful for some students to know what is for snack and what is for lunch.


September 7, 2018

27 Elul 5778

Wow we are off to a great start in 2-3!!

This week in general studies, the students are learning the new systems and protocols in our classroom as well as getting to know their new teachers.  This week the students had a great time creating “something” out of a coffee filter, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and stickers---please ask your child what his/her group created (and come see our pictures in hallway bulletin board outside our room).

It was also a lot of fun seeing what everyone brought in for their brown-bag and making a guessing game from it!  The third graders were so happy that they had another chance to use their imagination for this assignment!

During this first week of Hebrew class, we started with a short introduction and welcomed 2nd graders to our 2-3 classroom. Students created goals for the new school year wrote them on colorful apples symbolising Rosh HaShana.  Make sure to check out our bulletin board in the hall!

We worked in mixed grade groups on the norms of the classroom and read an interesting book emphasizing the importance of good manners and respect. The book is focuses on eight norms. Students worked in small groups to create a poster for each norm and presented their norm to the rest of the class.

In Judaic studies, we spent this first week getting to know each other and preparing ourselves to jump into Chumash learning which will be a large portion of the curriculum this year.  We also learned about Rosh Hashana and the repentance process. We have learned that  the Rambam says – It is very important to understand before we do a sin. First, we must understand there's a problem.  Then we can move from there.

Each topic this week was interesting and really made the kids think.  It’s going to be a wonderful year!


Your child is welcome to have a water bottle in the classroom to use during the day.  We have set aside some times when they can refill their bottles and we are working hard on the clean up when need be!   The students also have both a morning and afternoon snack, so make sure they have plenty of food to eat. They get very hungry during the school day.

Even though we started on Tuesday, this week was very busy, interesting, and filled with learning!

We were so happy to greet the students and begin many new procedures.

Shabbat Shalom!