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By: 5th Grade
When we got to Teva we played a game. The game was called Earth Eyes. The way you play is the caller says earth and everyone looks at the earth. Then the caller says eyes. You have to look at someone. If you and another person look at each other then you fall. After we played we went to our rooms. They were the best rooms ever!
Then we went to a building called the Oolam. The Oolam is a big place where we do things like chugim, eating, etc. This time we went to have a meeting about Teva. After the meeting we met our kvutsa (our group that we did stuff with like hiking, playing games, and talking about the wilderness). Groups did things like hiking, roasting apples over a fire that they made, and making tea (ask your child what they did). On a hike there was an overlook, on another there was a cool really long river (on that hike one kvutsa went off trail and followed the river back to the lake at Teva.
There was a night walk, where we learned that we had built in night vision, and that since one sense was weaker, then the others were stronger. We passed around two (or more) scents and tried to guess what they were.
There was a play called the Resource Revolution and GG garbage ran it, and we met Victor. He has a red Toyota (ask a 5th grader). The Resource Revolution taught us about the 4Rs- Reduce Reuse Recycle Rethink. A song helps us remember what those things are.   We had a lot of fun.
There were mixed feelings about the food.
Every day after limudei chutzs [learning about the wilderness] we had a one and a half hour break. On Tuesday night we played a game called predator prey. In predator prey there were 3 groups; hawks, snakes and mice (ask a 5th grader what they were.) It was an educational game about the food chain where hawks were the top and mice were the bottom. You need to collect a certain amount of food to survive the winter.
On the last night we sat around the campfire. We got to roast marshmallows and eat s’mores. After that we went to bed. The next morning we finished packing and we went for breakfast. After that we had fun doing things in the groups (ask a 5th grader what they did). Then we had a ceremony. Then we left. So that was what we did at Teva.
The fifth graders were so excited about their time at Teva and equally enthused to share that experience here.  If you have the opportunity, ask a fifth grader about any of the pieces mentioned above to get a fuller account of Teva.
Mark Your Calendars for our ECO FAIR on Tuesday, January 22 as the 5th Graders bring their TEVA experience and the Resource Revolution back to SHAS!!

Summer Reading List

Dear K-5 Families,

One of our literacy goals this past year has been to foster a true love of reading. We therefore implemented a daily DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time into our K-5 classes. After lunch, the students and teachers in these classes relaxed and enjoyed some free reading time. Watching our kids curl up in a comfy spot, or enjoying a book with a friend - what joy it has brought to our building each day!

This goal continues as we enter into the summer months. We want the kids to read. And read. And read some more. It should be text of their choosing and their ability as they develop a love of reading. One strategy to figure out readability is the 5 finger test (see below).

Attached you will find a list of suggestions and ideas. However, scope out your bookcases, check out your local library, and just keep reading!