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Building community and bettering the future, one child at a time

A close, warm community where my kids are thriving both academically and emotionally - they love learning, Judaism, and Israel as well as their teachers and friends.

-Naomi Korn-Gold

Our son Naftali recently transitioned over to SHAS. We are so grateful to his teachers, the administration, and the entire SHAS community for welcoming us with warm, open arms.  Naftali feels as though he has been attending the school forever, as the staff and students made every effort to include him.  In the past few weeks we have seen such beautiful, positive changes in our son. He wakes up happy, excited to start his school day and comes home with stories of lessons learned.  Naftali's teachers provide him with 1:1 attention and are fully dedicated to his academic, emotional, spiritual, and personal growth. We have seen an increase in self-confidence. He is developing an intrinsic love for learning. Thank you to the SHAS family for giving us our son back and for reigniting his spark.
- Shira and Eli Picard

When we began our search for the best school for our young children, we wanted to find a place that was warm, loving, and engaging.  It was equally important to find a curriculum that focused on establishing a strong Jewish foundation for our children.  It quickly became clear that Striar Hebrew Academy was the right school for us.

In our transition, we were most concerned about our children's ability to adjust to a new town and a new school. We were delighted with the warmth and hospitality at Striar Hebrew Academy and how we were all welcomed into the Striar "family." Their dedicated staff, one-on-one attention to each child's needs and their sensitive and nurturing environment have been a joy to witness. When your kids wake up excited to go to school, look forward to being with their friends and can't wait to tell you about their day at pick-up time... you know you're at the right place.

--Nathalie and Mike

We love the school because we feel we are leaving our children each day with relatives - everyone is kind, thoughtful, sweet and very nurturing.  Our children have so much fun and are well-engaged every day.  At SHAS, every child is given full attention, and great care is given to their specific needs. 

--Lisa Azrin

Torah needs to be received and lived by everyone.  SHAS connects their students with Torah and Jewish values and creates practicing learned Jews.

--SHAS Grandparent

Going to SHAS is not just about learning skills but about how to be a better person. While learning, SHAS students receive a moral education where each child learns to share, be kind and to give to others.

--SHAS Alum

While looking for a place to call home during COVID, we feel so fortunate to have found a school that helped our entire family thrive throughout a challenging year. 

We're so grateful for the SHAS community and administration, especially how the school leadership formulated and communicated their response to a global public health crisis -- all while ensuring a vibrant environment where our daughter developed a passion for art, torah, and the outdoors.

While work has taken us elsewhere, we're excited by the prospect of returning to Sharon long-term, owing in large measure to the extraordinary teachers, administration, and leadership at SHAS.

- Abby and Adam Soclof