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Building community and bettering the future, one child at a time

Our goal is for all SHAS students to gain the knowledge and skills in our curriculum at a pace that is at once comfortable and challenging to them. To this end, there are numerous resources available for students who need learning support. We have learning specialists accessible to support students in reading, writing, math, Hebrew, organizational skills, and other context learning. The school also partners with Gateways, a Jewish organization which provides learning support to students both in and outside the classroom. If you are interested in Gateways services for your child, please contact Batya Foreman, Director of Educational Resource and Student Support.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team that meets with parents to discuss accommodations for students’ learning. Team members include the Head of School, Director of Educational Resource and Student Support, classroom teachers and learning specialists. Teachers, administrators, parents, learning specialists, and outside consultants are invited to these meetings to create a plan to best meet students’ needs and share results from any testing that may have occurred outside of school.