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Building community and bettering the future, one child at a time


Learning is the core of the Striar Hebrew Academy experience.  A Day of Learning is a meaningful way to honor a special student in your life, remember a loved one or celebrate an important milestone.  Your gift will help to support our outstanding dual curriculum of Limudei Kodesh(Judaic Studies) and General Studies.  

One day of learning is $180/ Week of learning is $540.

Please contact Julie Galler, Director of Institutional Advancement, with questions about sponsoring learning at SHAS. 

Day of Learning
  • Message about your Day/Week of Learning (e.g. in honor/memory of)

  • Would you like us to notify anyone of this Day of Learning? Please provide name, mailing address and/or email.

  • We would love to hear more about the person you are honoring.  Feel free to write something and/or send a picture to