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Building community and bettering the future, one child at a time

At SHAS, we believe that no two students are the same, and no two people learn identically.   We model a whole-child approach focusing on all areas of a child's development and learning, including fostering social-emotional development and cognitive skills.  

By engaging all students -- mind, body, and soul -- we are laying the foundation for lifelong confident learners and happy people.

We offer specialized services for full classes, small groups, as well as for individual students such as Open Circle Social Emotional Curriculum with a Jewish lens (Torah values and middot); OT groups with an outside therapist; fine motor; sensory integration; zones of regulation; social skills groups; collaboration; negotiation; compromise, etc.

There are numerous resources available for students who need learning support and accommodation, organized by Ilene Greenwald, our Director of Educational Resources and Student Support:

Learning specialists support diverse learning needs in reading, writing, math, Hebrew, organizational skills, and other context learning.

SHAS teachers also work in direct partnership with Gateways: Access to Jewish Education therapists and learning professionals, providing seamless learning support  both inside and outside the classroom. 


Social Skills Groups


​​​​​Group Occupational Therapy